Leatherotics Black Leather Underbust Corset Review

*Sorry it’s so dark while wearing the corset. You can see the silhouette however.

This corset can be purchased from from http://www.leatherotics.co.uk/ or from their e-bay store at a comparable price. This is style 1214 and can be purchased in other color leathers as well as cotton. This corset gives a lovely shape, but I would not recommend this corset for waist training. It is best used for short-term cinching/tightlacing. I would also not recommend this short corset if you are prone to have a tummy pooch. It is not long enough to cover skin that may squish out on the bottom. Although, this is an excellent corset for short waisted people and allows a little more movement in the corset vs a regular or long-line underbust.


4 thoughts on “Leatherotics Black Leather Underbust Corset Review”

  1. I have this corset too! mine must be an older model because it doesn't have a modesty panel. 🙂 Maybe I just have a particularly strong midsection, but two grommets came unpressed. O.o And, yeah, I wish they would have used leather binding on this too. The ribbon doesn't stretch/mold like the leather would, I think, so the bindings are a little tighter than the rest of it. Other than that, I do really like it. 🙂 The leather is slick so your clothes don't stick to it underneath. And the shape i

  2. re. 7:09 I feel like their corsets are good, but for their website, they just take (almost) the same random text for all of their different corsets. It's a bit of a pity.

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