Nice Corsets photos

Some cool corsets images:

High Road to Buffalo, NY
Image by Christina Saint Marché
The Peace Bridge which connects Canada and the USA, Fort Erie to Buffalo.

Corset Cleavage
Image by nikoretro
11.2011. Hello to all the fans of my curvy figure. It’s good to know us girls over 30 and over 150lbs can still turn some heads. I appreciate your appreciation. Since I am an amateur photographer, I do not charge a fee for use of my photos and hold a creative commons license so that someone who wants one of my photos is not limited by a fee or licensing. That being said, this curvy girl loves her pets and has a dog in trouble and not a budget to give him the help he needs. I have set up a ChipIn page to collect donations for my Corgi Sampson’s ,000+ surgery to fix a perineal hernia. Please click on the link below to read our anifamily’s story and make donations via paypal. Any donation is greatly appreciated, but if you favorite, save or display my photos on your computer or website, I would like to ask that you donate per photo. Sampson and his Corgi buddies Shiloh & Rusty, as well as their human family thank you!…

Before Decoration
Image by felishumanus

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