Kendall 8

Some cool black corset images:

Kendall 8
black corset
Image by Crysco Photography
Model: Kendall Oliver…

“Overwrought” Antoinette for MetroDolls’ Charity Auction
black corset
Image by Robbin With 2 Bs
Work-In-Process — the corset is soldered together…

On October 6, 2013, the MetroDolls doll club is holding a charity auction to benefit hunger relief agencies in NJ, NY and PA. I made this outfit for Antoinette, a Tonner Company 16" fashion doll. I call the outfit "Overwrought." It was inspired by a trip to Savannah, GA in the spring. She has a hoop skirt with a cage — but much shorter than a real Southern Belle would wear. Her overskirt is made of antique lace. Her corset is inspired by the ornate wrought iron on so many of Savannah’s historic homes — hence the name, "Overwrought." She also has tall black leather gloves and short boots with chains and a lock–such as you might see on a wrought iron gate.

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