Nice Corsets photos

A few nice corsets images I found:

Getting tightened up
Image by rocketlass

finished my corset yesterday!
Image by olive brown
corsets are really, really not my style, but we had to do one for school so i did what i could.

Dickens 07 005
Image by arcanepackrat

Corset 101: Goldilocks and the Three Corsets

We made a NEW, more compact version of this video! Check it out here:

In this video, Cheri shares an example of a corset that is too big, too small and just right! Some things to look for when you pull your new corset out of the box to help understand how an un-seasoned corset should fit. I used a size 20 (too small), 24 (too big) and a 22 (just right) in this video. Be sure to read all about it our blog!

Corset 101 Blog: Goldilocks and the Three Corsets:
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Corset 101: Does My Hips Make My Corset Look Big?:

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Cool Black Corset images

Some cool black corset images:

black corset
Image by Phillostar Gone Ballistic Photography

“Overwrought” Antoinette for MetroDolls’ Charity Auction
black corset
Image by Robbin With 2 Bs
Work-In-Process — testing the fit for the corset with the cage. The ruffle has been tea-dyed and is pinned in place.

On October 6, 2013, the MetroDolls doll club is holding a charity auction to benefit hunger relief agencies in NJ, NY and PA. I made this outfit for Antoinette, a Tonner Company 16" fashion doll. I call the outfit "Overwrought." It was inspired by a trip to Savannah, GA in the spring. She has a hoop skirt with a cage — but much shorter than a real Southern Belle would wear. Her overskirt is made of antique lace. Her corset is inspired by the ornate wrought iron on so many of Savannah’s historic homes — hence the name, "Overwrought." She also has tall black leather gloves and short boots with chains and a lock–such as you might see on a wrought iron gate.

You can find more information on MetroDolls and the charity luncheon at

Visit my blog at for crafts and tutorials

Scarlett DeAngelis
black corset
Image by ejacobi82
Model: Scarlett DeAngelis

Nice Corset photos

A few nice corset images I found:

Corset Piercings
Image by stray-kat
on my calves done by Jesse Villarreal at Main Street Tattoo and Body Piercing in Merced California.

ATTENTION: Surface piercings are not permanent! These are called play piercings, you take them out afterwards. If you want a surface piercing (common ones like clavicles, wrists, "anti-eyebrow", hips, ect) make sure you go to an experienced professional with the right kind of jewelry.

Bodys, mockup 1 + alterations
Image by Jane Starz
The first mock-up, after scribbling alterations on the pattern.

Image by rjw76
…and bevelled for extra depth.

Julie tries the underbust look too

A few nice corset images I found:

Julie tries the underbust look too
Image by Chris P –

“Then your life becomes a travelogue of picture postcard charms…
Image by Cate Storymoon
It was just a false alarm."
Joni Mitchell sings Amelia

If you cannot view the video due to it being blocked for your region, you can listen to the studio version here:

Joni Mitchell’s Hejira album was the first time I’d heard the cosmic sounds of the late Jaco Pastorius on fretless bass. Later I obsessively watched Joni’s Shadows and Light tour DVD for weeks. Jaco joins her along with Michael Brecker on sax (also deceased), Pat Metheny and Don Alias — a concert tour for all. especially musicians to fall deeply and hopelessly in love.

Location: Tierra de Fuego…

Some details:
Pose by Flowey
Wearing Glam Affair Cassia Arctic, SLink hands and feet, Illusions ears, Ohmai! hair, Sn@tch corset and blouse, Baiastice pants, Pure Poison sandals for SLink feet, Finesmith watch
Birdy-Alchemy spotted french bulldog
Suitcase dollarbie from a retro fashion fair I can’t remember.

Image by clio1789

Cool Black Corset images

Some cool black corset images:

Nifer in her Carhart corset at Burning Man 2009
black corset
Image by mr. nightshade

Posted lived from the playa, Burning Man 2009. Check back for more throughout the week.

UPDATE UPDATE: BoingBoing updated their article and now link back to this page. Thanks.

Had too much white? Here is a little red and black
black corset
Image by donnacd

Windy Dale Aug2013-4

Check out these black corset images:

Windy Dale Aug2013-4
black corset
Image by Crysco Photography
Model: Windy Dale (@Windyrulezd00d)
MUA: Roschel Kimberly Wynn (@Rubiroxmakeup)
Hair: Kendall Oliver (@Kennielaine)

Waiting games
black corset
Image by adamrhoades
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SB800 – in partially collapsed reflective boomed over model
SB24 – DIY GridSpot clamped to roof beam 6ft from models head